Smelly Nylons Skillfully Milk Cum Blast! Dial-up!


Nylonmum P.O.V.

“Your watching my feet again arn’t you Slaveboy” I know you’d like to have a sniff of them wouldn’t you. Even more so because i have my sweaty old knee highs on!”Come closer and sniff the aroma”"Sniff that sweaty toepiece”
That’s it… Sniff hard! These stinky old mules have made my nylons thick with my scent! Breathe them and lets make that Dick of yours really stiff.
Would you like nylonmums sweaty feet wrapped around your hard cock.
I Think you should worship them a little more first. Come and lay down beside me.
Thats it, slide off my Mules and deep sniff my sweaty nylon feet. Stretch out my toepiece and sniff the scent. Ooo.. look how stiff thats made your cock slaveboy.
Now remove one of my sweaty knee highs and clean the sweat from my foot as i milk this stiff cock with my other smelly nylon covered foot. “Go on”"suck my toes and lick the aroma from between them”"worship my sweaty clammy toes”"Mmmm you like that don’t you slaveboy”"feels good dosn’t it” having your hard dick milked with my sweaty foot in your face! Ooo.. I think nylonmums sweaty toes are going to make you cum arn’t they! “Come on then”"let me see your cream”"Oh… yes… you did enjoy that didn’t you slaveboy”"All that cum for nylonmum”

Good quality for slower connections! Clear English dialogue in all our clips.

Smelly Nylons Skillfully Milk Cum Blast! Dial-up! – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]



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