Locked And Loaded (dial-up)

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Locked And Loaded (dial-up)

Being in chastity can be quite a tight fit if I were to allow you indulge to in the pleasure of my musky feet, wouldn’t it? If you are slave tiny, that may not be such a problem; after all he IS tiny. So will his eagerness be his own punishment? As I tease & torture him: rubbing my soles on his face, letting him sniff both feet, wiggling my toes in his mouth, you can see his preDICament growing.

This clip is in Standard Definition, WMV format at 320X240 resoultion for low bandwidth users.
Additional formats: (HD/720p), (SD/640X480), (iPhone/iPod)

Locked And Loaded (dial-up) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]



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